Priming your Dispenser

Priming your dispenser's pump for operation is done in 4 easy steps. Follow the steps below or simply watch the online video for a demonstration of the priming process.

The priming process may need to be repeated several times, especially if you are using very thick liquids.

If you are using a thick liquid, put a small amount of liquid and water into the empty chamber and then prime. Once primed, refill the chamber with thicker liquid. Operate the pump until the thinner liquid/water mix is expelled and only the thicker liquid flows through the pump.


Push the pump button in.

With the pump button pushed in, place your finger over the spout of the pump to block airflow up into the pump. (This creates a partial vacuum in the chamber when the pump is released.)

Keep your finger over the spout and release the button.

Remove your finger from the spout and repeat these steps until you have a release of liquid when you pump.