Frequently Asked Questions

Soap and Shower Dispensers
Shower Squeegees
Foaming Dispensers

1 . I've lost my instructions, can I download/find them online?

Yes. You can download and print your instructions from our Instructions and Warranty Cards area.

2 . What do I clean my product with?

The best method for cleaning the dispenser is simply using a soft damp cloth. Usually a damp cloth will remove any soap residue. A quick polish will keep the finish in perfect condition.

We do not recommend using commercial bathroom cleaning products. These often contain aggressive chemicals and abrasives, designed to clean ceramic and porcelain surfaces. These cleaners are likely to damage, deteriorate or discolour your product.

Before using any cleaner, read the list of ingredients on the label. Do not use any cleaner that contains abrasives or any of the following chemicals:

  • Solvents: Xylene, Toluene
  • Acids: Hydrochloric, Muriatic, Phosphoric, Hydrofluoric
  • Other: Alkyl dimenthyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), Alcohol, Aromatic Oils (found in aftershave).

Use of these chemicals or abrasives could void the product warranty.

3 . Can I buy spare parts?

Yes, you can. A comprehensive list of parts is available to suit most products. 

Check out our available spare parts.

If you're unsure whether we carry a particular part, please call us on 03 9807 2992 and we'd be happy to help you.